Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18, 2012

Today is our 36th wedding anniversary. And here we are on a mission spending everyday from morning till next morning together. We get up early and get our morning things done and start at the office by 9. Work all day in a great environment. Go home between 5:30 and 7:30. Eat dinner, study, go to bed and get up and start all over again. Ah, the life of a senior missionary couple.

Our apartment building is quiet and safe so we are happy about that. The laundry is downstairs which is convenient. We have a small deck off the small living room. It's 80 degrees today and the birds are chirping and the lady bugs are a buzzin and many people have gone to the parks or golf courses. But of course, Dad, is still not golfing. He said he may try on a Saturday once in a while over the summer. I've been to one yarn shop and it was a really great one in Derry. Also found a nice chocolate store, but not the same as See's dark chocolate almonds that I love and miss!

I've been down with a miserable head cold the last few days and didn't even make it to church today. But Dad got me some generic Claritin and it really helps. I can breathe! I have to get well cause tomorrow is our first go at Arrivals and Transfers and Departing missionaries and I have to be on the ball for my duties. I've finally gotten a handle on all the responsibilities I have to do. Dad worked at the office yesterday for about 6 hours getting himself ready for the part he plays in transfer week. Neither one of us has made any big mistakes so I think we will be invited to stay!!!!

A few nights ago while I was sitting at my desk--about 6:15--Gloria, the cleaning lady, came into the office and said, "Ola." Well, you know how weak my Spanish is, but I managed to say hello and how are you. She asked me what the name of our church is. So I told her in Spanish the best I could. She asked me if we used the Bible and I said that we did. She told me she is Catholic (which is very common here) and asked me if we had a bible. I told her we had the Book of Mormon and I asked her if she would like to have one in Spanish. She said, "Oh yes, I would." So I went to the storage room and got one for her. She put it in the pocket of her cleaning cart and walked down toward the President's office. Sister Wilkey opened the Pres's door for a minute and I jumped up and ran down there and told Sister Wilkey that Gloria had requested a Book of Mormon. Sister Wilkey told here that we had a couple of Spanish speaking young men who could teach her about the Book of Mormon. She said that she would love that. So I got all of her info and turned it over to our Spanish speaking Elders and they called her the next day and she is having her first lesson this evening. Who'd a thunk? I am so happy that we can do some proselytizing in the office. We will get word back from the Elders after the lesson. We are praying.

We have heard from our friends the Martins who were in the MTC with us and are serving in Czech. Working with the young single adults there. They are enjoying the work tremendously even preaching on the corners of the city. They are the kind of people who will be very successful in missionary work. We wish them our best there.

We do enjoy working with the Elders and Sisters here in the mission. They are all wonderful young people and so dedicated to the work of bringing the gospel to the people here.

I have not had my hair cut since Eleni cut it last in January. It is getting long and I have to do something. I hate taking chances on new people, but I have only one name given to me so far. I'll just have to press on and ask for a very slight trim!!!

We are praying for an Elder who had to go home after only 6 months in the field. He had leukemia when he was 14 and had 3 years of chemo. Well, the leukemia came back with a vengeance and he had to go home and start chemo over again. Also, President's Wilkey's first counselor has about 5 different infections in his right shoulder that was previously injured and has to have surgery on that. We do pray for their recovery.

Well, we are going to get some things done this evening and prepare for another week in the office. We sure love you all and hope to hear from you. Oh, we were able to Skype with Grandpa and Grandma Benjamin yesterday and also Kortni, Ryker, and Kaydence who are visiting Diana, Ian, and Payton for the weekend. That was so great. We loved it.

More next week,
Love, Mom/Grammie/Karen

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