Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19, 2012 First Disappointment

Today was to be Tanya's and Josiah's baptisms. They passed their baptism interviews with the Zone Leaders just fine last Saturday. We picked them up for church last Sunday as usual and everything was good except that Tanya told us that her boyfriend, Eric, had gotten on the internet and told her some anti-mormon stuff that he found there--like we have horns and tails and that we were going to change her name and junk like that. We assured her that what he was reading was garbage, and we had a good Sabbath with her and Josiah. Tuesday she was supposed to meet with the Elders and Elder Benjamin, and she wasn't there. We have been calling all week. Finally when Elder Benjamin couldn't get her to return calls or texts, he got permission for one of the Elders who taught her (but he got transferred) to call her. She returned his second call and said that she hadn't been feeling well and that Eric was in the hospital. We haven't heard from her since. She has not returned any calls from any of us, nor does she answer her door. So two Sister missionaries and I dropped by to pick her up for church this morning and no answer. So we just don't know what to think. We are praying for her and hope that there is some really good explanation besides a very negative one. Eric asked her why she was giving up things she likes to do--like smoking, coffee, and him! She asked him to meet with the Elders and he did once, but he didn't seem very receptive. Eric's son who is 11 sat in on the discussion and said that he wanted to be baptized, too. Well, anyway, we were very disappointed that the baptisms didn't happen today. We hope to hear from Tanya about all this.

On a little happier note: We and 2 Elders took Tanya and Josiah to the Joseph Smiith Birthpace Memorial two weeks ago. Had a wonderful time with them and they loved the spirit of the place.

Josiah loves Primary (he is 8 but looks bigger) and loves to read the Book of Mormon. Last Sunday he was at church with a white shirt and tie. He looked so spiffy.

Paul sent me this picture of Ryker and Kaydence. Paul called it "The General and His Homey!" I laughed forever!!!! Thanks Paul for that one.

Tony and Annette and all 5 of their children were here for a visit. It was so good to see them and to see someone that we are related to! We took them to the JSM as well and had a nice picnic there, looked around, then drove back to Manchester for dinner and ice cream at the world famous Puritan Chicken restaurant. They have the absolute best chocolate almond frozen yogurt!! Everyone loved dinner and the ice cream. Sunday they all came to church with us and then here in our little apartment for a cozy spaghetti dinner and more ice cream. It was wonderful. I guess I got a little homesick after they left, but I'm back on track again.

Zone Conferences this week on Tuesday in South Royalton, Vermont and Thursday in Augusta, Maine. Such fun to be with all the missionaries.

Bye for now. We love you all--children, grandchildren, parents, and friends.

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